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We offer customized travels around Ukraine for danish, french, english, german, spanish, italian tourists.

We work together with Ukrainian agents based in different regions of this beautifull country with the glorious and diversified history.

Vi snakker dansk, we speak english, wir sprechen deutsch, on parle francais, parliamo italiano, hablamos espanol - our tours are costumized and you can request a tour of your own desire wether it be winetrips, wellness tours, visition the rigions capitals, georgian dance and opera tours, Black Sea and Azov sea tours, nature and landscape, cultural tours and language classes. Throught the literature we will visit Ukraine, wheter it be the top of the fin-de-siecle Hungary-Austrian Empires authors, russian golden or silver age literature or the ukrainian national poets - all our tours are a combination of visiting the country, reading the works that help us understand the culture and mentality and experiencing the life wether it be exquisite dining, local wine or recreational ares from the nineteenth centry.

Odessa in autumn!!

Visit the beautifull city of Odessa when its beauty shines the most. Autumn is a precious time to visit this pearl on the shores of the Black Sea!

Eight days with the best of the russian golden and silver ere. We will explore this beautifill city with the many mysteries while reading some of the russian classical canon. Authors who frequented the area for its beneficiary climate, the ocean and not least for the people of Odessa.

The city is home to some of most intriguing post war caracters and is commonly refered to as the city of humor and party. However its past is also one of tragedy and war.

We will visit some of the best wine yards in the area and have tastings as well as the old spa that used to host some impressive caracters during the age of zar Romanov.

Included is a visit to the catacombs where the mobsters of the roaring twenties used to hide and where the ukrainian partisans fought during the war years.

A literary city walk visiting the opera and the Potemkin stairs as well. You will be staying at 4 star hotel, local transportation, airport pickups, admission fees and 3 literary talks - all included.

As well as exquisite georgian, ukrainian and tatarian dining. We will visit the opera, the literary museum and some of the coffeebars that made Odessa the whirlpool of the russian empire in the beginning of the twentieth century. 

8 days everything above included

Price: 4500 dkk/600 euro/800 dollar




- more tours availeble, check out the tours section!

Wellness tour around the Carpathian Moutains.

Included in the tour is visits to different wineyards around the mountain region, we will visit former turkish dungeons, the capital of the old region formerly known as Galicia - an area for centuries under Austria-Hungarian Empire. There will be alot of different body and leasure treatments availeble including salt chambers, free acces to thermal hot springs, and different magnetic, glycerine and mud therapies. Included is as well lectures on the most famous authors of the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  Works that in different ways cast a glance on the period best known as the fin-de-siecle. Local authors as well as authors based in the cultural capital of the beginning of the 20th century Vienna.

(Austrian-Hungarian Empire)

Price, 6000 dkk, 800 euro, 1000 dollar

Place, Lemberg, Carpathians, Mukachevo, Beregove, Truskevets, Shayan, Morshyn

The price includes 3/4 stars hotel, local transportation, free access to the thermal - and hot springs, different treatments and access to the saltrooms, 3 x wine tastings, admission fees, beer tasting, literary city walk in Lemberg, 3 x literary talks on the famous writers from or connected to the area

Black Sea and Azov Sea shore tour.

We will follow in the footsteps of the famous Argonauts, the female amazon warriors and the feared Scythian warriors. In the interesting tour along the shores of the Black Sea you will as well experience some of the most beautifull nature of Europa, including dessert aread, sailing on the Dnepr Delta, visiting the old sites of Olbia, Achillesu statue and the turkish Akkerman fortress several hundred of years old. Included is as well visits to two of the most wellknown wineries in Ukraine and the old cognac factory beloved my the soviet leaders and a visit to the thermal spa are of the late zar Romanof dynasty.

Price, 6000dkk/800 euro/1000 dollar
Place, Odessa, Gola Pristan, Nova Kakhovka

Included in the price 3/4 star hotels, local transportation, admission fees, 2 x wine tasting, 6 x exquisite georgian, Crimian, ukrainian dining, Dnpre cruise entering the cities of antiquity from the seaside, Akkerman fortress, walk in the dessert, literary talks on The Argonauts, Platon end different plays refering to the area, cognac tasting ecc.

Metropolis tour

On this outstanding capitol tour we will visit the capitol of the former Galician region, best know as Lemberg during the Austrian-Hungarian years. the city is hot spot for students, musicians and has a famous coffeebar culture not to be exceeded anywhere in the world. The old centre is an Unesco World Heritage site and we will enjoy the music and pedestrian area while profiting of some of the best restaurants in the city - a homanage to the cultural diversied Ukraine manifested in the culinary traditions.

Secondly we visit the Pearl of the Black Sea, Odessa. The capitol of freedom and sarcasm, where in the roaring twenties mobsters and aristocracy were flocking. A multicultural city on the shores of the Black Sea with a huge cultural heritage- visiting the oriental bazar you will se for you self the vastness of the russian empire manifested in wines, spices and exotic foods, fruits and sweets from all over the region. Included a literary citywalk, the opera house and the famous Potemkin stairs. 

Finally we visit the ortodox capitol of the world. It was her a thousand years ago the ortodox faith bloomed and from here the ortodox empire spread to almost all corners of the east Europe. Here we will do a literary city walk, visit the monestary complex Pecherv Lavre, the old city centre and the houses of the famous poets Shevchenko and Bulgakov - two of the most renowned Ukrainian authors. As well we will experience fomidable cousine when we visit armenian, georgian and ukrainian restaurants.

Price, 6000 dkk/800euro/1000 dollar
Place, Kiev, Lemberg, Odessa, Mykolaiv

Included in the price 3/4 star hotels, local transport, admission fees, night at the opera, opera tour, treatment at the antique spa, wine and cognac tasting, 6 x exquisite dining, day trip to Tjernobyl, the monestary complex ecc.

Opera and dance shows in Kiev.

Depending on availibility we offer trips to the capitol of Ukraine where we will attend a show by the famous georgian dancer - an unforgettable show renowned in the hole world for its artistic magnitude. It is dance, singing and music as well as history and legends interwined in one amazing show.

Further there will be a night in the national opera of Ukraine and a night at the only official gypsy state ensemble - showing the spirit of the gipsies through the centuries.

Included in the tours is a view on the Kiev of the beginning of the twentieth century, the musical and theatrical scene of the Russian Empire and finally the gastronomy of the most exquisite georgian, armenian and ukrainian restaurants. There will be a beer and wine tasting with some of the best ukrainian beer and wines. A tribute to the famous easteuropean culture, dance and theatrical scene as well as the outstanding gastronomy.

Price, 3500 dkk/500euro/600 dollar
Place, Kiev

The price includes 4 star hotel(4 nights), admission fees, literary city walk, 3 x literary talks, museums, 3 x exquisite dining, wine and beer tasting, ticket to georgian dance show, gypsy national state ensemble, opera.

Cold War tour

Visiting the capitol of Kiev and the Pearl of the Black Sea Odessa this tour around Ukriane focuses on the relation between Ukriane and Russia from the time of the Great Russian Empire under Zar Romanov untill the collapse of the Soviet state manifested with the Tjernobyl disaster.

We will visit the historical centre in Kiev and Odessa and talk about the russian golden- and silver age. Then travel through time and visit the famous Potemkin stairs in Odessa, Mykolaiv shipyard whre the battleship Potemkin was developed, continue our time travel exploring the starship programe and astronautmuseum outside Kiev untill we reach our final destination the crashsite of the Soviet state Tjernobyl.

Along the trip we will relate the sites to famous authors and their works such as Bulgakov, Alexievitz, Akunin, Ilf & Petrov, Tjekov and more.

Included in the price 3/4 stars hotels, local transport, admission fees, day trip to Tjernobyl, museums, national opera of Kiev, Opera house Odessa, the old spa residence and much more.

Price. 6000 dkk/800 euro/1000 dollar

Place, Kiev, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Tjernobyl

The price includes 3/4 star hotels, local transportation, day tour to Tjernobyl, admission fees, literary city walk, literary talks, 3 x exquisite georgian, armenian and ukrainian dining, wine tasting and beer tasting.

Remember for each person participating 1000 dkk/200 dollar/150 euro bill be donated to people in need, orphenages, shelters, old peoples home and such.

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